Taking Care of Your Teeth

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Rely on a family-friendly dentist in Dover, NH at the office of Michael J. Reardon, DMD

The office of Michael J. Reardon, DMD offers dental services for the whole family. We offer general exams, including teeth cleanings, which are recommended every six months. We can also take care of fluoride treatments and other basic dental hygiene. Our dentist will examine your mouth to check for any signs of decay or disease, as well. Call 603-742-0111 today to schedule your dental check-up.

Services include:
cosmetic dentistry
dental cleaning
dental xrays

dental crowns
dental implants

dental fillings
protective dentistry
mouth guards

teeth bleech tray
teeth whitening

dental grinding guards

3 good reasons to visit your dentist regularly

Routine check-ups at a dentist's office can help you avoid a number of potential dental problems. Among the reasons to visit dentist are:

  1. Preventing gum disease
  2. Having your teeth cleaned
  3. Diagnosing signs of tooth decay or disease

Ignoring dental problems can lead to more serious issues, while proper care can make your life happier and healthier. Visit the office of Michael J. Reardon, DMD to ensure your dental health.