Brighten Your Smile

Brighten Your Smile

Teeth bleaching services are available in Dover, NH at Michael J. Reardon, DMD

Teeth bleaching services are available in Dover, NH

For teenagers and adults, Michael J. Reardon, DMD offers protective dentistry procedures, including teeth bleaching. You can have whitening done at our dental office, or we will give you teeth bleach trays to use at your home, at your convenience.

Teeth can change color for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Food and drink
  • Tobacco usage
  • Age
  • Medications
  • Trauma

Teeth whitening is done by bleaching away stains. Contact Michael J. Reardon, DMD today to find out if bleaching is right for your teeth.

Mouth guards will help with teeth grinding

Many people grind their teeth at night while sleeping, due to stress or anxiety. While an abnormal bite or other condition might be the cause, the end result is always the same - damaged teeth.

Michael J. Reardon, DMD will fit you for a mouth guard that will help protect your teeth during sleep. Dental grinding guards can prevent dulling of the teeth, tooth fractures, jaw soreness and other conditions. Call 603-742-0111 today for more information about dental mouth guards.