Who Offers Restorative Dentistry in Dover, NH?

Who Offers Restorative Dentistry in Dover, NH?

Michael J. Reardon, DMD deals with crowns, implants and more

While having your routine dental cleaning, it’s possible your dentist will recommend restorative treatments to help with any problems you’re experiencing. These include teeth that are:

  • Decayed
  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Discolored
  • Missing

In order to solve such problems, Michael J. Reardon, DMD offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Visit our dental office today for a consultation in Dover, NH.

Other services we provide to improve your dental health

While root canals can be done to save teeth, and extractions can be done to remove them, there are also a number of procedures that are appropriate to address other issues.

  • Fillings are done to restore a tooth’s surface
  • Crowns and bridges are employed to restore a chipped, damaged or missing tooth
  • Dentures and implants can replace missing teeth

Our office does not provide orthodontic services.

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